Thursday, June 7, 2018

Black Hill Regional Park-Little Seneca Lake

Turtles the Size of my Kayak

Beautiful Heron-sometimes in Numbers

and other types of birds

Great Fishing

Giant Muskie that can pull your Kayak 70 feet and (thank goodness) break your fishing line before you see their teeth

No Matter What Kind of Boat... Gorgeous Views

A Nice Boat Ramp or Land Input

Links to Information about Black Hills Regional - Little Seneca Lake Boyds, Maryland:

Rent a Kayak or Take a Pontoon- Seasonal Pass Use your own Boat

The Amazing Lake to See All Wildlife in Maryland

Monday, May 21, 2018

Kayaking Once Again! Clopper Lake

Threw Away the Fear!

well, I am trying to kayak again!..... and so it starts anew...

I backed up my hatchback to the putin, gently slid the bag out the back... Inflated the kayak... slid it in the water... gently put my right leg over the kayak and slowly sat down..... WOW... on the water again!

So beautiful a day and floated my problems away!

Passed some others enjoying the weather as I floated by!.. Remember this is relaxation, I am not running a relay race or paddling a marathon... I am gently floating along with my camera...  Much like this guy...

This guy was floating by getting lunch

The usual Club Meetings

Quite a few picnics and Social Gatherings

Different Groups as I headed toward the Overpass

A few Guardians of the water

Feel Like you are on the water click my short video

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Kayaking at its best

Looking out first thing in the morning and the water was still as glass

 Beautiful colors but the draw was the water not moving and no wind....
It is calling me......

Once I got out there it was surreal!
 Everyone was getting breakfast

This is a great fisherman
He is such a showoff... Not one, but two times
Then he goes in for a second one!
Some fisherman have all the luck or they just know the right fishing hole!
The horseshoe crabs were busy!
Yep, that's not litter-that's a bird
The King of Back Bay!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Vacation Paddling

Out in the Sea Eagle 330 up Turville Creek

Beautiful overcast morning

Beautiful view up Turville Creek

Calm and Cloudy

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Back Bay Bungalows May 2016-June 2016

So Now, here for my vacation, first day out spent all day 

and I am still suffering for it.   Use YOUR Sunscreen





Well, my favorite Cottage... surrounded by water and right in front of the put-in for my kayak, next to a fishing dock.   Yep, paradise for me... Now if I could just recreate this for my true retirement.....?

Or just visit paradise

 A new fisherman, I haven't seen before.

You can see it was really windy today, so there was a strong current and big waves-good workout.

I changed cottages and today I am in the Purple cottage.  I can walk off the porch and sit in the swings if I want to.  The view is still pretty terrific.

I took my usual trip from the Bungalows up Turville Creek to the end.

The fish are amazing at the circle where there is an overpass - they just jump out of the water.

Back to back bay again