Sunday, March 20, 2016

2016 Kayaking in Maryland

So.... spring is here?

On Friday it was windy but beautiful

I renewed my Regional Boat Pass at Black Hills Regional Park

I went out to the Lake Boat Dock and it was a bit windy but beautiful.

The ducks were waiting for me

Ducks out on the lake

Tested my Sea Eagle 330 in preparation of the first spring adventure local

 This baby went to North Carolina twice - Cape Hatteras and Ocracoke Island

It went to every place possible I could handle by myself in Maryland, Greenbridge-putin at Tridelphia Reservoir, 

Rocky Gorge, 

WSSC Water shed permit available at Brighton Dam Visitor's Center, 

Black Hill Regional -Private boats may access the lake with valid permits purchase at Black hill visitor center- 

good for Lake Needwood also-Fishing is allowed on Little Seneca Lake.-

 Clopper State Park on Clopper Road(117)

Cunningham Falls-Thurmont MD

Assateague state park - State Park Annual permit

Castaways Resort Cottages - paddle to Assateague

Back Bay Bungalows - Paddle Turville Creek and out towards O.C. and Ocean Pines

Ayers Creek Berlin, MD

Pocomoke River State Park

My Favorites are Clopper Lake and Little Seneca Lake because I can go for the day on my day off and spend morning till dark, and the birds are fabulous

 poor 380x had to go back to Sea Eagle

This one developed a series of holes on the bottom.

We will see what happens with it, I didn't have it very long, but it saw quite a lot of adventures.

Paddling away at Castaways-accross from Assateague Island

You can't get this close without a kayak

Turville Creek next to Back Bay Bungalows

Only in a Kayak can you be truly part of the big picture!

Back Bay Show Off

Crazy looking birds you would never see when walking(and this one sounded like a tropical Jungle Call)

First you hear birds... then you look and they are beside you!

First there is one and then,....


and wow... really big beside my kayak

 In the bushes beside me...

In the top of a tall tree?

Until you paddle by in a kayak you have no idea what goes on!

Spectacular moments

and more to come!