Saturday, May 28, 2016

Back Bay Bungalows May 2016-June 2016

So Now, here for my vacation, first day out spent all day 

and I am still suffering for it.   Use YOUR Sunscreen





Well, my favorite Cottage... surrounded by water and right in front of the put-in for my kayak, next to a fishing dock.   Yep, paradise for me... Now if I could just recreate this for my true retirement.....?

Or just visit paradise

 A new fisherman, I haven't seen before.

You can see it was really windy today, so there was a strong current and big waves-good workout.

I changed cottages and today I am in the Purple cottage.  I can walk off the porch and sit in the swings if I want to.  The view is still pretty terrific.

I took my usual trip from the Bungalows up Turville Creek to the end.

The fish are amazing at the circle where there is an overpass - they just jump out of the water.

Back to back bay again


Thursday, May 26, 2016

Back Bay Bungalows - On Vacation..... YEH

Pulled in Late.... Took this pic of the beautiful view from my bungalow

So the second day, I got my act together early, filled my coffee flask and  off  I went in my kayak.

Can you see why I love this place.   Perfect kayaking.  Every year I have to check out the nesting birds...

There is momma bird feeding the youngn's

One year the little ones got old enough to leave the nest and that was fun to watch with their parent coaches.

Then there are the heron watching me watch them!

The usual Dock Guardians were on their posts sending the message up Turville Creek to say I was on my way to interrupting any of their fishing...

My feet are propped up for rest and rehabilitation from work.... the birds are singing and all is well in the land of kayaking.

A gaggle of geese.

Another Heron


     It was a gorgeous day, I spent from early am around 7 to 2 and today I am very very red... I had a T shirt over a tank over a suit, but my front was exposed and my upper arms, and hand definitely burned.... slept  for a while, and now today I am going out later so I will be coming back in the evening.  The view from the porch is very tranquil and I drank a pot of coffee just enjoying the quiet and nature.