Saturday, May 28, 2016

Back Bay Bungalows May 2016-June 2016

So Now, here for my vacation, first day out spent all day 

and I am still suffering for it.   Use YOUR Sunscreen





Well, my favorite Cottage... surrounded by water and right in front of the put-in for my kayak, next to a fishing dock.   Yep, paradise for me... Now if I could just recreate this for my true retirement.....?

Or just visit paradise

 A new fisherman, I haven't seen before.

You can see it was really windy today, so there was a strong current and big waves-good workout.

I changed cottages and today I am in the Purple cottage.  I can walk off the porch and sit in the swings if I want to.  The view is still pretty terrific.

I took my usual trip from the Bungalows up Turville Creek to the end.

The fish are amazing at the circle where there is an overpass - they just jump out of the water.

Back to back bay again


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