Monday, May 21, 2018

Kayaking Once Again! Clopper Lake

Threw Away the Fear!

well, I am trying to kayak again!..... and so it starts anew...

I backed up my hatchback to the putin, gently slid the bag out the back... Inflated the kayak... slid it in the water... gently put my right leg over the kayak and slowly sat down..... WOW... on the water again!

So beautiful a day and floated my problems away!

Passed some others enjoying the weather as I floated by!.. Remember this is relaxation, I am not running a relay race or paddling a marathon... I am gently floating along with my camera...  Much like this guy...

This guy was floating by getting lunch

The usual Club Meetings

Quite a few picnics and Social Gatherings

Different Groups as I headed toward the Overpass

A few Guardians of the water

Feel Like you are on the water click my short video