Friday, June 7, 2019

Clopper Lake Returning

Once again I return.... maybe next week I will venture to Black Hill Regional...But Today Was Beautiful, Calm and a Few Friends

Off I Go In Search of Birds, Turtles and Fish

I Love the Little Alcoves Here and There

Found a Turtle

I am Not Sure, but I think they were having a meeting about the Loner Guy!

These Guys Did not look Happy with Each Other

I Think He is Complaining and She is Trying Not to Listen

See that Glaring Look She is Giving Him

She Has had Enough of His Complaining

She is Giving Up

They Really Upset Their Neighbor

He Said They Exhaust Me, I am Getting As Far Away As I can

OMG! I Can Even Hear Them Up Here

You Just Don't Want to Get In the Middle of It... But I Agree With Her... He Just Doesn't Stop Complaining!

I Wonder How Long It Will Take For Him to Get Over It, It is Getting Kind of Breezy Up Here!

I wasn't able to get the picture today, but in the past, this one was jumping out of the water in front of the kayak and I was able to take the picture... This time I was getting the same treatment all around my kayak, but I couldn't get the shot.  The fishing appears to be good!

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